Pure relaxation

Water technology in home gardens



The regular sound of rippling water has a relaxing and calming effect on most people – soothing in our hectic everyday life.



Water collects energy and releases it to its surroundings: whether as a waterfall, fountain, cascade fountain, stream or water feature.



Water in the garden also means habitat for plants and animals, liveliness through movement and beauty through reflective sun rays.

Water revives

Water technology in use

Water in garden

Water provides a comfortable climate

Water invigorates and provides a pleasant atmosphere. It is not for nothing that the element of water plays a key role in feng shui practice. Water collects energy, releases it into its surroundings and lifts the mood – in the house and in the garden, on the balcony and terrace.

However, water technology does not always have to be visible: Our range of services also extends to cisterns and the associated technology to collect rainwater, which is used, for example, to feed an irrigation system.

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