Goodbye, watering can!

Irrigation systems for Home Gardens



An irrigation system automatically supplies your plants with sufficient water. Time-consuming and Water-wasting is a thing of the past.



Our systems always dispense the optimum amount of water. First-class technology and perfect service guarantee of our systems.


Easy to use

Our systems can be operated conveniently using a smartphone. This way you stay in control even when traveling and can be reached immediately.

Green Health

Irrigation systems in use

Automativ Irrigation


Time is a precious commodity. A private garden is a wonderful place to enjoy free time. In order for you to feel comfortable in your garden, it must be cared for: the lawn needs a regular cut, plants, shrubs and young trees must be supplied with sufficient water.

Lawn mowing and watering: These two time-consuming tasks take off our automated systems. Our automatic irrigation systems provide your plants with sufficient water and react individually to the current weather conditions.

Control via app

Maintain control Worldwide via smartphone

With the controller, you can control your irrigation system remotely via smartphone and influence the irrigation itself. What’s more : You have an overview of whether something happened and when watering was done at any time and from anywhere. The smartphone app is super easy to use.

Your automatic irrigation system saves water by querying the weather data. The system also allows you to install your own weather station. In there’s an error, the system sends you a message and allows our employees to remote access if necessary.

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